A lot of people who loves the sea is only see it from the surface, But if you dive it deeper, you will find the beauty of the sea That most people have never seen before - Mayjen TNI Mar (Purn) Buyung Lalana, SE

POSSI Committee

The main task of the POSSI Committee is to bring into focus the important issues related to the marine environment.

Our Mission

Improving the dignity of the nation through improved performance sport diving both national and international Synergize strategic cooperation with all sports stakeholders : MENPORA, KONI, KOI, Menteri Pariwisata, Menteri Kelautan & Perikanan, Menteri Perhubungan, MENDIKBUD, PB/PP , Media, Swasta maupun masyarakat luas.

Organized By

In order to synergize strategic cooperation with all sports stakeholders.

  • KONI
  • CMAS

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